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Classifieds Solutions Group, Inc. provides e-recruiting solutions through career center portals and on an Application Services Provider (ASP) basis.

Our six portal career sites organized by specific job function and diversity. These sites enable employers and recruiters to post job offerings for specific target areas in one or more of our career specific sites. Prospective employees can search for jobs, confidentially post their resumes, and avail themselves of a host of other services.

On an ASP basis, we develop and maintain career sites for companies and recruiters. We customize these sites to reflect the particular look and feel of our customers' websites utilizing our software. We believe strongly that having us build a career center for the client's own website, enables the client to fully leverage their target market's assets and provides an invaluable service to their customers and associates. We believe that by offering multiple products and services to address online recruiting needs, we have established our own unique niche in the online recruiting market.

Classified Solutions Group - Portal Career Sites

Most online job sites that offer aggregate listings in different fields lack specialized capabilities. Their postings are broad based, covering all types of jobs in many industries. As a result, job seekers must often search through exhaustive lists of unsuitable opportunities. Classified Solutions Group's portal sites are different. Our category specific approach enables job seekers to focus on those opportunities that are suitable for their skills. We do this by limiting employment opportunities in each database to the industry covered by that database. This helps to reduce the quantity of non-related postings delivered by a key word search. Recruiters and employers can quickly find and attract qualified candidates with specialized skills and expertise. We attempt to screen our employment postings for specificity, although we are not always successful. However, we believe we offer career sites through which a recruiter can conveniently and cost effectively focus on highly trained qualified candidates suited for specific job openings. The vertical orientation of our job sites - which encompass fields ranging from accounting to sales and IT - makes it easier for job seekers and potential employers to locate and evaluate one another.

We derive a significant number of job postings through independent distributors. These distributors include major online and offline recruitment advertising firms and major recruitment and placement agencies that seek a variety of websites, both category specific and broad based, to post their clients' job openings. Some of our distributors include Bernard Hodes, TMP Worldwide and Arbita.

Among the services provided to employers and recruiters is the opportunity to access our confidential resume database containing resumes placed on our category specific websites by job seekers. These resumes are furnished to them with built-in safeguards to protect the privacy concerns of applicants.

Revenue from the Classified Solutions Group is derived from job placement advertisements.

Classified Solutions Group - ASP Services

Online career centers are becoming increasingly utilized by web publishers, corporations and other organizations such as search firms that can generate revenue by selling job postings. Web publishers can utilize career centers to create additional revenue streams through advertising and retain visitors. Corporations can use a career center to make their online recruitment efforts more productive. Our Classified Solutions Group ASP service offers the experience, staff and know-how to build, host and maintain career centers for on and offline organizations more effectively, quicker and at less cost than would be the case if the organizations built and maintained their own websites. Our management believes that these career centers should provide a company with the opportunity to attract and recruit the best candidates by being able to offer them the ability to quickly assess the company's visions and competitive advantages by accessing information placed by the company in appropriate fields provided by us.

We develop customized career websites for our clients and recommend proprietary "plug-ins" that incorporate the latest technology - such as job search agents and confidential resume hosting. We also provide features to help our clients facilitate their site updates and provide them with customer service capabilities.

Revenues generated by our ASP services include fees generated from website construction, monthly subscription-type revenue streams based upon contractual terms for maintenance and website hosting services, and fees from consulting services.

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